🏦Avisa Treasury

Avisa Treasury would play a primary role in the development of the platform. Avisa Guild treasury hold and manage the funds for the development and promotion of the AGG token & ecosystem. Avisa Guild treasury would hold 20% of the total supply of $AGG tokens with an unlock period over 5 years from the day following the TGE.

These funds will be part of the agg governance system. Avisa community will be able to submit and vote on proposals regarding its use. Proposals can include things like purchasing agg tokens, providing liquidity to an Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool, paying for a product or service, burning tokens, or even distributing funds back to token holders. It really can be anything the community agrees upon.

The ownership and management of the agg foundation treasury is just one of the many utilities of the agg token and we hope and expect that the value of the treasury will grow significantly over time as a result of asset price increases, yield from liquidity pools, and other investments.

Use of Funds

  • Invest in playable NFTs, digital land and partners tokens.

  • Technology development and automation tools for current and future needs. Game agnostic research and development. App and website integrated development.

  • Operations Management - Daily operations, financial and legal compliance.

  • Scaling of solutions in Axie Infinity as well as future games that Avisa Games Guild DAO will be deploying scholars to.

  • Global expansion and marketing

  • Legals and exchange listings

  • Community building and events

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