Business Model

NFT games and metaverse are going become more mainstream in 2024. The tremondous growth in these markets is generating a new avenues for digital gaming economies and gaming communities. The main goal of AGG is to develop a most valuable and largest guild with the most skilled players. We have our business model aligned with our goal and outlined our key approaches and core activities.
Key approaches:
  • Invest with P2E games and projects with good potential.
  • Leaveraging NFT Assets
  • Develop Tech and Infra to optimise guild yield
Core activities of the Avisa Games Guild:
  • Games and New partnership
  • Invest in virtual gaming assets.
  • Acquire new scholars, ambassadors, community managers, and trainers.
  • Introduce performance based rewards and tiers/levels for scholars.
  • Plan and conduct guild events, tournaments.
  • Build a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • Develop and introduce new guild features.
  • Expand core activities and services of Avisa Games Guild.
AGG’s value is derived from the following:
  • Rewards produced from active play of AGG Game NFT assets.
  • Yield gained from assets acquired and held by Avisa Games Guild.
  • Percentage of APY token rewards generated from treasury’s farming activities.
  • Rewards generated from esports tournaments.
  • Rewards generated from sponsorships.
  • Rewards generated from subscription fees.
  • Rewards generated from AGG ecosystem sales and services.