Please Read this document carefully & Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before you invest in Avisa Games Guild project or availing the AGG services. This document is not a any investment advice and should not be considered as an offer, recommendation, or advice by Avisa Games Guild or any other person on behalf of the Organization.

Avisa Games Guild Whitepaper’s is published with a intention to provide the reader with accurate information regarding the functioning of the Avisa Games Guild (“AGG”), its token and its ecosystem. This Whitepaper serves as information material to equip the user with sufficient and reliable information about AGG Tokens, its functionality and distribution. It does not fall under any sort of solicitation or commitment to you, the reader, or any other third party institution.

Nothing in the Token documentation or the website constitutes any offer by the company, the distributor. You should not solely rely upon the whole or part of the documentation or presentation to make an investment decision as ​​AGG Tokens might hold potential risk or even may be worthless at some point in future and also there is no guarantee that the purchase of AGG tokens would meet your needs . We strongly advise you to “Do Your Own” Research before purchasing AGG tokens, as No purchases would be refunded or exchanged. We would advise you not to purchase any AGG Tokens with the money you can’t afford to lose.

Purchasing the tokens after reading the disclaimer, would indicate that you are inherently assuming the risk of its loss of value from the time of the purchase, and you are strongly agreeing that the tokens’ present functionality might be all they are ever capable of doing.

If you purchase any AGG tokens at any point, you agree to the fact that you would not be provided with any assistance during any difficult situation, with which you also agree to the condition that you will not assert any claim, action, judgment or remedy against AGG or its sponsor, distributor, digital success holdings in case the token loses value in the future or the AGG platform or network ceases to function or if the platform or network falls short of meeting your expectations.

In case you are uncertain about your decision to purchase AGG tokens after you have read the disclaimer and are concerned about the loss of your hard earned money, we would strongly advise you not to purchase any AGG tokens, instead we would recommend you to consult your advisor, lawyer, tax officer or an expert seeking further guidance to purchase AGG tokens. AGG tokens are not shares or securities of any type of legal bond and do not grant you any kind of ownership or other interest in digital success holdings, as AGG tokens exist only to facilitate your use within the AGG or any other supported network.

AGG tokens are not investments and they do not guarantee you or promise you any increase in value over time, as they are designed only to work within the boundaries of the AGG Network.

For more legal details, Head towards the legal section of the whitepaper.

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